In the world most of the woman getting thinner and toned thighs. Like the short dress, rock their skinny jeans and pencil skirts. These women have no idea how to slim their legs. Hard work and consistency are only secret to thinner and toned thighs in the world. Therefore, discuss the 12 best effective thigh exercise. Through these outer thigh workouts, you can give thinner and toned thighs within a few days.

These thigh exercises are very simple like cardio exercise you can do at home. I suggest you can add these outer thigh exercises in your daily cooldown or warm-up session.

Different Fat Burning Thigh Exercise:

  1. Plyometric Squat.
  2. Squat with Ball
  3. Toe Squat with Overhead Reach
  4. The Single-Leg Circle
  5. P-lie Squat
  6. Pick-Up Squat
  7. Diagonal Lunge
  8. Kneeling Roundhouse Kick
  9. Front Squat
  10. Back Squat
  11. Leg Press
  12. Dumbbell Squat
  13. Kettle-bell Press-Out


1-Plyometric Squat:thigh exercise


Plyometric Squat is a very simple and best outer thigh workout.You can do plyometric squat at home. In the plyometric squat, there are three stages.

1-Straight Stand-up    2-Down phase  3-Up phase (jump up)

In the plyometric squat, we used the all body muscles. Addition benefits of the plyometric squat is Abs workout.


2-Squat with Ball:



Squat with the ball is one of the best effective thigh slimming exercise at home. It is the low impact workout. It is a cooldown and warms up the workout in the daily exercise. There are two stages In the squat with the ball.

1- Up Phase with ball   2- Down Phase with Ball

12 time you roll the ball between your back and wall. After this reset 30 seconds and repeat this.


3-The Single-Leg Circle:

In the single leg circle,

  • First, move your right leg toward your left hip, then slowly lower it almost to the floor.
  • Reset 5 second.
  • Now move you’re lest leg toward your left hip, then slowly lower it almost to the floor.
  • Repeat 12  time in a day.

thigh exercise


 Outer Thigh Exercise:

4-Toe Squat with Overhead Reach (outer thigh exercise):
thigh exercise


Toe Squat with Overhead Reach is the best and simple outer thigh exercise at home. It is the most effective leg exercise. This exercise like Plyometric Squat exercise, but in this exercise your hands are the up straight position.

  • Balance: In this exercise, Balance is very important and safety concern.
  • This squat is also the best workout to lose weight.

5-P-lie Squat:

thigh exercise


6-Pick Up Squat (outer thigh exercise):

thigh exercise


Pick up squat is the softer on the lower back and good for your thigh. This exercise for your outer thigh.  In this exercise,

Band Knee = 90 Degree

Chest      =   Straight

At the last place the dumbbells down in front of your feet.


7-Diagonal Lunge:

Important: In this exercise, your legs move in 45 Degree.
thigh exercise


8-Kneeling Roundhouse Kick:

thigh exercise



Front Squat VS Back Squat:

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