Shaping and healthy working our body in a gym is a good option, but not all people have the time for it and not all like it, so these arm exercises to do comfortably at home come in handy. You only have to get 30 minutes of your day and reserve them for you. It is possible if you choose the best arm toning workouts.

None of us like to have flabby arms, do we? Fight the accumulated fat and know how to tone your arms!

To achieve good results on your arms, do two sets of 12 repetitions with each of the movements listed below. If you feel tired, you can choose to do two sets of 12 repetitions of one of these movements, and combine it with other exercises for the abdomen or glutes.

Arm Toning Workouts

Are you looking for exercises to work your arms, whether at home or at the gym? So take a look at the list with some of the best arm exercises we have selected for you. Who knows, you will not find new moves to incorporate and diversify your workout!

Before we get to the list, however, it is important for you to know that arm exercises are not sorted in order of preference or efficiency.

1. Integral toning of the triceps: push up on a chair

Put a chair behind you and sit on the ledge with your knees bent. Now place the palms of your hands on the edge of the chair, next to your hips.

Lift your buttocks from the chair, bringing your feet forward and supporting your weight on the heels. You have to squat or flex until you feel pressure on your arms and shoulders. Climb again only with the strength of your arms.

Repeat this exercise 5 to 10 times. This exercise is the best and simple arm toning workouts.

arm toning workouts

2. Power of arms: imagined controlled punches

Stand with your feet on your shoulders and your knees slightly bent. Take your elbows back so your wrists are aligned with your shoulders and waist.

Slowly tap your right arm forward, and swing your fist inward as you go, keeping your shoulders relaxed.

Now do it with your left arm, moving your right arm back in turn. Having the basic movement, repeat it for 45 seconds.

arms exercises

3. Well-formed shoulders: lift weights

Standing with your legs slightly bent and with a dumbbell in each hand (any weight, as long as you feel comfortable), raise your arms to the sides until they are level with the shoulders.

Hold the position for a second, and then lift them further until they are above your head and your arms straight at your shoulders.

Lower your arms, stopping at shoulder height, before returning to the original position.

exercise for arms

4. Do not forget your forearms: lift weights

Stand with your feet spread across the width of your hips, arms on your side and a dumbbell in each hand with your palms back.

Raise the dumbbells to the shoulders using your biceps. Return to the original position.

arms workouts

5. Get rid of sagging: lift weights lying down

Lie on your back with your knees bent and your feet flat on the floor. With a dumbbell in each hand, raise your arms toward the ceiling.

Bend your elbows, lower your arms behind you until your dumbbells are almost on the ground behind your head.

Raise your arms back to the original position. It is the best arm toning workouts at home.

workout for arms

6. Diamond bending

To do the exercise, it is necessary to stand in a bending position on a mat, with the hands positioned together, so that the thumbs and the indicators touch. With the body in a straight line with the abdomen supported, lower the torso until the chest is slightly above the ground and return to the original position.

The diamond flexion, which is an advanced mode of doing the classic arm flexion, also helps in raising the arms and still works the abdomen and chest.

exercise for arms at home

7. Fixed bar (chin-up)

It is an exercise that promotes a lot of strength to the upper body. In addition to working the biceps, being one of the important arm exercises on the list, used to pull the weight of the body, it also moves other muscles with the shoulders and the back.

To do the exercise, you should hold the bar with your hands at shoulder width and hang on the bar, as shown in the figure above, with your feet crossed. Then squeeze the shoulder blades back and forth, bend your elbows, and pull the top of your chest toward the bar.

After pausing, slowly return the body to the original position.

exercises for flabby arms

8. Diving

Another movement that can benefit anyone who wants to acquire big arms is diving. It even helps set the triceps, contributes to the gain of muscle mass in the upper body and works by lifting the weight of the entire body during its execution.

If you do not have exercise bars at your disposal, place your hands on a bench, chair, or floor and extend your legs forward and place your heels on a box or accessory similar to the image above.

The next step is to lower the body until the forearms are parallel to the floor, however, no lower than that, as the photo shows. To raise, extend elbows.

exercise for arms without weights

9. Flexion with closed footprint

To do this bending, it is necessary to stand face down on the floor in a plank position, as in the figure above. The body should be elevated, with the tips of the feet on the floor, the arms extended and the palms of the hands in the ground, at a distance equal to the width of the shoulders. The next step is to lower the body until the chest is slightly above the ground, as in the picture above.

To increase the difficulty of this exercise, you can put one of your feet on top of a bench or box.

The main muscle worked in this flexion is the triceps, so it is on our list of arm exercises, but it also triggers the chest and shoulders.

arms workout routine

Arm Toning Workouts at Gym

10. Thread hammer with dumbbells

The exercise is done with the aid of two dumbbells and is one of the best to increase the size of the arms.

It works like this: with a dumbbell in each hand, the practitioner stays with the arms extended to the side of the body, as shown in the image above. The palms of the hands should be facing the thighs.

Then, without moving your forearms, you should bend your elbows and pull your dumbbells up as close to your shoulders as you can. Pause and slowly return to the original position, straightening your arms.

How to hold the dumbbells on the hammer thread transfers work to a muscle that can make the arms look thicker. To increase the forearm effort throughout the workout, the tip is to work the wrist upright and thumb up during lifting of the dumbbell. Thread hammer with dumbbells is the best arm toning workouts at the gym.

best arm workouts for mass

11. Triceps testa

The eleven item on our list of arm exercises is another one that can contribute to the strengthening and definition of the region and has a focus on the triceps.

To perform it you need to lie down on a bench and hold a W. With your back stabilized, raise the bar, making the elbow extension movement. The weight should be secured to the shoulder line and the footprint should be with the hands close together and the palms facing upwards. The elbows should point forward.

Then, lower the bar, doing the bending movement of the elbows, until it approaches the forehead. After this, raise the weight with the strength of the triceps, making the movement of extension of the elbows.

Attention: Shoulders and arms should be immobile throughout the movement. Only the forearms should move.

arm workouts with weights

12. Thread with closed grip bar

Here we have a beginner level exercise that works the strength of the biceps and forearm muscles. It is performed with the aid of a bar.

To begin with, one must stand and hold a bar with both hands and palms up, with a closed footprint, smaller than shoulder width. The trunk should be straight and the head up.

Before starting the movement, it is important to keep in mind that the forearms and elbows should remain motionless throughout the exercise.

Then lift the bar in a semicircular motion until the forearms touch the biceps. Do not stop exhaling during this step and tighten your biceps for a second at the top of the exercise. Slowly return to original positioning while exhaling air.

During the thread of closed footprint bar, it is necessary to avoid leaning back or swinging. This exercise is very simple arm toning workouts.

arm toning exercises with weights

13. Thread in the EZ bar

This is one of the exercises for arms on our list because it works the biceps. It is executed with the EZ bar, has a beginner level and works the strengthening of the muscular region.

The exercise begins in the standing position, holding the bar on the outer and wide side of the handle, with the palms facing outward, pointing forward and slightly inclined inward due to the shape of the bar. The elbows should be close to the trunk.

With immobile forearms, exhale. After, flex your elbows and bring the bar up. The weights should be lifted until the biceps are fully contracted and the bar reaches shoulder height.

Finally, inhale the air and slowly return to the original position.

exercise for flabby arms for seniors

14. Triceps extension with neutral footprint

This beginner level exercise focuses on strength and involves the triceps during their movement. During the execution of the triceps extension, it is important not to place your feet on the bench – they should stay on the floor – to prevent the elbows from turning sideways and slowly lowering the weight without making mechanical thrust.

To do the exercise, the practitioner should lie on his back on a straight bench, holding a dumbbell in each hand, with one palm facing the other and arms extended vertically on the chest. Then flex your elbows and lower your dumbbells until the weights are just above your shoulders.

Do not move the upper arms. Pause for a moment, contract the biceps and return to the original position.

flabby arms after weight loss

15. Concentrated biceps on Scott bench

This is a beginner level exercise that works the biceps strength in isolation. To do this you need to be at the gym and have access to the Scott bench and an EZ bar.

The first step is to sit on the bench as shown above. Afterwards, you must grasp the bar at the narrow and inner part of your cable. To get it right, it is recommended that someone give you the bar or that you take it from the resting place to bars that Scott banks usually bring.

When holding the bar, the palms of your hands should point forward and slightly inclined inwards due to the shape of the bar.

The forearms and chest should be positioned against the padded part, holding the bar at shoulder height. Then, while inhaling, lower the bar until the forearm is extended and the biceps fully elongated.

When exhaling the air, use the biceps to raise the bar until it is fully contracted and the barbell is at shoulder height. Compress the biceps well, hold the position for a moment and return to the original position.

arms workout for mass

16. Simultaneous thread

It is an exercise that can be used in a training of strengthening and definition of arms. It works like this: standing with your arms along your body, a dumbbell in each of your hands and palms facing outward, flexing and extending your elbows simultaneously. This is the best arm toning workouts.

arms workout with dumbbells


Before you start following your arm exercises series, at home or at the gym. Check with your doctor if you are fit to practice your workout. It is also important to have the assistance and follow-up of a physical education professional who can advise you on the correct techniques and help if any problem occurs.

If you choose to work out alone with the help of internet videos, be careful to pay close attention to the explanations of the videos and watch several times until you are sure how the movements should be done.

Also, when you feel an injury or get hurt, do not delay to seek medical attention.

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