The concern with the quality of the food is not only to lose weight or to maintain the good form, remaining within the weight considered ideal. More than that, it is critical to health, since food provides the energy and nutrients our body needs to function properly.

Therefore, being careful about the types of food and beverages we consume and the amounts that are ingested is important so that meals are balanced, do not provide more or less what our body needs and do not harm us.

But is that enough, or do we also have to worry about the times when food is consumed?

For example, does it make it bad to eat and bathe then?

You had a dog day at work and, tired, cannot wait to get home. In the middle of the way, get a chaotic traffic or need to stay a little (or long) at the point waiting for the bus to arrive.

When you finally put your feet indoors, you can not wait to get your energies back and relax. Then, after stretching your legs for a few minutes on the couch, run to the kitchen to have a snack or dinner.  bad to eat

After Eating, take a Bath: Bad Bath

Then, after the meal, he is sent to the bathroom, where he takes a refreshing bath and puts on a very comfortable outfit to rest and enjoy the rest of the night with his family.

or, you’ve had a productive day at the gym and, of course, you’re exhausted after training. So he says goodbye to the instructor and his colleagues and runs home since he needs to recover.

However, since you have spent a lot of energy and need to replenish, when you get home you make your post-workout meal and also run to the shower since you got well sweaty from training. Just like the previous example, you put on your rest clothing and spend the rest of the day resting and talking to your family or friends.

What do the situations have in common? In both cases, the bath was taken shortly after a meal was made. But does it make it bad to eat and take a shower right away?

Many professionals say yes, at least in some cases. While some argue that bathing is one of the things that should not be done right after a meal, most claim that this will only become a problem if the water is too hot and the bath time-consuming.

In order for the food to be properly digested, blood flow must be stimulated towards the stomach, but what happens is that the act of taking a bath diverts blood flow to the hands and feet.

Experts recommend that people wait approximately 30 minutes after finishing a meal for a shower.

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Understanding the mechanism in more depth

In an article published in Cure Joy, India’s senior Ayurvedic consultant Janardhana Hebbar explained why he argues that it is bad to eat and then bathe in the process of digestion.

According to Hebbar, bathing after a meal causes vasodilation (dilation of blood vessels) and increased blood flow to the skin.

The consultant stated that, in other words, this means that a variety of chemicals are released into the body as a reaction to the action of water. With these chemicals, the contracted nerves are expanded and carry more blood to the nerves and micro-nerves, he added.

He also explained that excess blood stays for a long time on the skin, making the body stay warm. But

why is this something bad?

It is that the blood that would be used in the stomach to collaborate with the digestion reaches the skin. And remains there for a long time when we take a bath. They causing that the digestion is not enough or is delayed clarified the consultant.

Hebbar further said that since digestion requires a high percentage of blood to be performed. In the event that a warm bath is taken. The blood vessels are also dilated to cool the body by releasing blood into the skin.

Most of the professionals say that it is only bad to eat and to bathe soon. After in cases where the water is very hot. Physicist Francisco Gacek explained that it is when we enter into the contract with the rather hot water. That some of the blood that would be used in digestion is diverted to the skin.

The goal is to really cool the body. What happens is that the superficial blood vessels are dilated to let the heat through and allow that to happen.

What occurs with digestion is that the food stays in the stomach and intestine longer. They can undergo a harmful fermentation that is caused by bacteria. However, when it comes to cold water, this problem does not exist.

To avoid health problem, Please set a Fitness Model diet.

On the other hand

It is worth noting that there is no evidence to support this idea that it is bad to eat and bathe then because it impairs digestion and that this theory has not been properly researched and still requires scientific validation.

However, it is possible that the digestion will be impaired or interrupted. If we are talking about a case where the person spends hours in the shower after making a proper meal.

If the person does not spend so much time in the shower. There is nothing to worry about since the body was designed to give priority to internal processes. Such as digestion in detriment to slight changes in body temperature.

The familiar legend that bathing can also cause syncope (loss of senses) is a myth. However, the gastroenterologist Eduardo Berger says that it is worth avoiding very hot and time-consuming baths. Because they can cause discomfort because of the decrease in blood pressure.

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