psychologically, however there are some exercises that you should not do if you have back pain.

Find out what exercises to avoid in case of back pain and be warned!

The pains in the spine affect a large part of the population and may be due to numerous factors. It is estimated that 72.4% of world suffer from back pain. If it is your case, see the exercises that you can not do if you have back pain .

Physical exercise is one of the factors associated with health. It can work in the prevention of injuries and back pain. They prevention of future problems associated with the spine derived from poor posture, efforts etc. It can also  improve their clinical condition.

Type of problem or not that you have due to back pain, exercise can be beneficial to end these same pains or reduce crises. However this should be programmed and directed to your specific case, responding to your individuality and helping to strengthen and strengthen muscle groups, mobility and endurance, to promote good posture, weight bearing and day-to-day movements.

Can I exercise if I have back pain?

Sedentary lifestyle is one of the main factors responsible for back pain. Lack of physical activity causes weakening and imbalance of muscles, which in turn leads to poor posture, weight gain, lack of muscle strengthening, leading to degenerative and structural disorders of the lumbar spine.

The practice of physical exercise is recommended, since the muscular strengthening helps to restore and protect the spine. The cartilage between the bones of the spine prevents contact between one bone and another and causes pain.

Muscles when weak, especially the back and abdominal muscles do not help reduce or prevent back pain, hence the importance of practicing oriented physical exercise from muscle strengthening, mobility and stretching.

Exercises you should not do if you have back pain?


All exercises that are not performed correctly will be harmful to some part of the body, which in the end can influence the back area, since the human body is all connected and adapts itself making compensations or in this case, decompensations. So always be sure that you are performing the exercises properly.

It is difficult to tell which exercises you can or should not do, because each case is a case and some exercises may be indicated for someone and not for another person. There are people with lumbar hernias to perform marathons, as there are others who just start running feel a lot of pain and should not do it. However, at the general level the exercises you should not do if you have back pains are:

  • High-impact exercises without the possibility of satisfactory damping;
  • Prolonged aerobic exercises , or if it is the case try to split it at different times of day, and if the carpet causes impact and if you feel pain it is advisable not to do it;
  • Horizontal bicycle – always ensure that you can maintain your lumbar curvature, if you can not choose the vertical bike;
  • Exercise on sloping or steep slopes;
  • Complete abdominals ;
  • Elevation of legs in lying position;
  • Exercises that cause you pain or discomfort.

Exercises you should do to prevent or treat back pain?

1-Exercises in water :


When performing exercises in water, it is as if you are removing 80% of your body weight, it is one of the advantages of training in water, which takes immense weight overload. Another advantage is that it is a type of low impact exercise.

Exercises within water do not imply that they are just swimming or water aerobics (modalities usually recommended by the doctor, which may even aggravate the situation), because some people do not even know how to swim, or they will perform exercises that are directed to a group of different ages, objectives and with or without limitations.

Therefore, the exercises in the water are great, if they are directed to you and knowing your history, so that you are evaluated and planned to strengthen all muscle groups, without feeling pain and improving your condition clinical.

2-Bodybuilding Exercises :


Bodybuilding is a great ally for strengthening your muscles, if you can guarantee the correct execution of the exercises.

It is central that strengthens the muscles of the abdominal, lumbar and dorsal, not devaluing the other areas of the body, because it is important to have a harmony between muscle groups.

However these zones are of important focus so that you can maintain good posture, good support and stabilization of the trunk.

3-Abdominal Exercises :


Strengthening the abdominal is one of the key points to prevent back pain and support of a correct posture. With a strong abdominal the spine becomes more stable and will improve your posture. They are also helping you to maintain an upright posture.


Back pain:

Pain is a mechanism of defense of the body. When it manifests can have in its origin several types of spinal injury: low back pain, herniated discs , muscular imbalances , joint wear and deformation.

Increasingly the incidence of people with back pain is increasing, being this fact linked to the daily routine that provides many moments of bad posture. These back pains can be chronic or intermittent, localized or not, occurring by various factors be they physical, psychological / emotional or social and affect the daily life and quality of life of people.

About 50% of the causes of physical incapacity of working age are due to back pain. They are also representing the second major cause of medical leave , with a higher incidence between 25 and 60 years. They effect the both male and female.

The most common causes that cause back pains or injuries are:

  • Muscle imbalances;
  • Hernia discs;
  • Alterations of the vertebral column: scoliosis, hyperlordosis and hypercifoses;
  • Overweight;
  • Incorrect postures daily throughout the day;
  • Osteoporosis , ankylosing spondylitis, fibromyalgia and other syndromes.


In short:

The goal is that physical exercise is an ally to your health and quality of life. So the exercises you should not do if you have back pain are all those that cause you pain.

You should train yourself so that the pain disappears or subsides and for this to go well and be healthy. Look for a reliable professional who will help you improve the movement patterns and balance between the muscles.

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