HIIT Workout are also called, High-intensity interval training. HIIT Workout is one of the most effective exercise in the medical and fitness world. You can also improve your health, function of metabolic and respiratory endurance through the mens hiit workouts. High intensity interval training gym are also boost your metabolism. If you want to burn the fat in short time, you can do the hiit class plan in the daily routine. All Kinds of Athletes improve his Physical performance through the best high intensity cardio workouts.

Two Phases of Workouts(Low and High Intensity):

Phase 1: Aerobic Phase                                       Phase  2: Anaerobic Phase

Aerobic Phase:  In the Aerobic (cardio) Exercise, our heart pumping the oxygenated blood to the working muscles. Running and Walking are the most effective cardio exercise that you can do at home. In the brisk walk (aerobic metabolism predominates)  you can work at a low intensity. This is a very efficient way, your body use the oxygen to reduce the fat and break down carbohydrate for energy. In the aerobic metabolism , you lose intensity and gain efficiency.


Anaerobic Phase: Anaerobic exercise means without oxygen. Anaerobic exercise is a low duration workout but a High-intensity interval training. In the sprinting (anaerobic metabolism predominate) you can work at a free high intensity interval training workouts. This is a inefficient way, because body needs a lot of oxygen. 

hiit workout

Do HIIT Workout Anywhere:

  • 36 Sit Ups
  • 30 Push Ups
  • 36 Jump Squat
  • 30 Split Jumps
  • 36 Tricep Sets
  • 30 Sec Burpees

1-36 Sit Ups:hiit workout

Sit ups is the best HIIT Exercise you can do any where.This is the best exercise to burn the fat and weight loss.


Total  =  3 Sets                                                                                                         1 Set  =  12 Sit Ups                                                                                                   2 Set  =  12 Sit ups                                                                                                   3 Set  =  12 Sit Ups

Note : In the each set stay 5 seconds.

2-30 Push ups:

hiit workout

Push ups are the best full body exercise.They improve the upper body muscles.Push ups target the chest muscles, shoulders, back of your arms, abdominals and the wing muscles.


Total  =  3 Sets                                                                                                         1 Set  =  10 Push Ups

2 Set  =  10 Push-ups                                                                                             3 Set  =  10 Push Ups

Note: In each set stay 5 seconds.

3-36 Jump Squat (Plyometric Squat):

hiit workout


Jump Squat is a very simple and best outer thigh workout.You can do plyometric squat at home. In the plyometric squat, there are three stages.

1-Straight Stand-up    2-Down phase  3-Up phase (jump up)

In the Jump squat, we used all body muscles. Addition benefits of the Jump squat are Abs workout.


Total  =  3 Sets

1 Set  =  12 Jump Squat

2 Set  =  12 Jump Squat

3 Set  =  12 Jump Squat

Note: In each set stay 5 seconds.

4- 30 Split Jumps:

hiit workout

When you start this exercise, the width of your feet and hips are same. Your arms are the same direction.

  • A small jump performs upward.
  • Moving the right leg in forwarding direction.
  • Left leg in backward direction.
  • After this landing
  • Bent directly your  right knee over the toes
  • left knee bent with your hip


Total  =  3 Sets

1 Set  =  10 Sit Ups

2 Set  =  10 Sit-ups

3 Set  =  10 Sit Ups

Note: In each set stay 5 seconds.


5-36 Tricep Sets

hiit workout

hiit workout

6-30 Sec Burpees:

hiit workout

1- Begin standing straight, looking forward.
2- Squat with your hands on the floor in front of you.
3- Kick your feet back to a plank position.
4- Do a push-up.
5- Immediately return your feet to the squat position (keep your back flat).
6- Leap up as high as possible from your squat position.


Benefits of HIIT Training:

1- Burn more calories & fat.
2- Increases metabolism.
3- Easy to incorporate into any routine.
4- helps to tighten muscles & expand lungs.
5- A quick Effective Workout and best exercises to lose weight.
6- No equipment necessary.
7- Improve endurance & aerobic capacity.
8- Super efficient.
9- Slim down as you recover.

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