Hot yoga is a journey. That promises to work the whole body,  they will make you lose up to 900 kcal per class. But in a warm environment.

The Hot Yoga method was created by Bikram Choudhury in 1974. An Indian based in California. They build the hundreds of schools worldwide but they were being the first founded in Hawaii and California. The guru of this modality developed his formula as a process of self-healing after a knee injury.

The Yoga as the name suggests is performed in a room heated to between 38º to 42º. In the humidity condition between 40 and 60%, like a true oven. Therefore, they provide the body with more flexibility and safety for the muscles and joints. The hot room mimics the temperature and humidity conditions, where yoga arose.

Hot yoga: what is it?



Hot yoga is a yoga class. They held in a room heated to about 40 degrees for warmth to warm the body. Hot yoga help muscles and joints to relax and providing more elongated, wider and safer movements. They also simultaneously promoting perspiration helping the release of toxins.

Hot yoga was created with the aim of promoting health by balancing the body, preventing and improving injuries. The warm body becomes more flexible, circulation is activated and it is easier to perform the postures. However, it is more demanding in terms of effort cardiovascular and muscular. So do not think it is an easy or undemanding class.

Benefits of Hot Yoga:


1-Physical Health

Hot yoga promises to improve physical fitness, treat or improve pathologies and injuries such as arthritis, asthma, bronchitis, depression, insomnia. The modality strongly emphasizes the realignment of the spine and correction of the posture.
Practitioners claim that the heat in the room sharpens the synovial fluid in the joints, allowing the muscles and joints to relax allowing for increased range of motion. They are also providing an improvement in flexibility and agility. Stretching to be well performed makes the transport of blood and oxygen more efficiently for muscles, nerves, and tissues.

2-Mental Health

Hot yoga also helps with rejuvenation, increase concentration, decrease headaches, stress, and anxiety with daily stress. Hot Yoga is beneficial in reducing or controlling stresses caused by the stress. We are helping to relax and relieve tension after a day’s work.

3-Physical Form

Another of the benefits of the practice of Hot yoga is the acceleration of metabolism. Because the body is subject to a great detoxification. Working off all the muscles help in physical form doing burn between 600 to 900kcal in each class. It is important, how much water is released through the sweat during the class.  And the practitioner is with good levels of calcium, magnesium, and potassium. As well as the hydration before, during and after the activity not to dehydrate and to replenish the mineral salts.

4-Improves the appearance of the skin

Wet heat accelerates the elimination of toxins through sweating, this factor also brings benefits to the skin, as it helps to increase pores and eliminate impurities.

More Benefits

The other advantages brought about by practice. “Hot Yoga improves fitness, flexibility, defines muscles, burns calories, eliminates toxins, relieves stress and anxiety, and increases concentration. It works as a preventive medicine. It is also a meditation of an hour and a half, with an open eye.

How is the Hot Yoga class?

hot yoga

In Hot yoga class, total 90 minutes in which are taught 26 positions and two breathing exercises. This type of class is called “pranayamas”. The sequence of them is always the same. So that each class tries to do a little better than in the previous class and to practice the movements in a way to each time perform better.

This type of class is usually divided between standing, sitting and lying postures, alternated with breathing techniques and periods of relaxation.

In the 26 positions taught in the classroom, they work 100% of the body. They including internal organs, systems, ligaments, tendons, joints, and oxygen is supplied to each part of the body.

students make exercise in these conditions if the classroom is warm or at high temperatures.

It is always advisable to consult a doctor before starting to practice any sport, Due to the high temperature. Pregnant women, those with low blood pressure and heart problems, should be more careful when entering a heated class. Teachers often indicate hot yoga for those who have some type of injury (knee, spine, neck) as it is a low impact activity and heat helps in flexibility.

If you have the opportunity to try it, so please try it. Because they release stress, prevent joint damage, release toxins and burn many calories by working all muscles.

Hot Yoga is the best example: How to lose stomach fat fast?

hot yoga

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