It is generally the ambition for a more elegant, toned and muscled leg. Therefor You like it, too? In this leg workouts plan you will find good help!

The lower limbs have the function of sustaining body weight, locomotion and maintaining balance. Structurally we should consider:

  • Pelvic girdle
  • Thigh
  • Leg
  • Foot

The workout plan for legs presented is aimed at work, essentially for the thigh muscles. The goal is to tone and increase the strength levels of these muscles. It proposes a dynamic and challenging leg workouts that will surely result in more capable and beautiful legs!

This training plan for legs can be performed by all people, and the following special groups should be considered: pregnant, hypertensive, diabetic and musculoskeletal conditions. These cases may have to adjust certain parameters or follow other options.

To get the most out of any workout plan you can apply some important tips:

  • Exercises must be performed consciously and intentionally – that is, thinking about the movement during its execution and the muscle you want to work on make any exercise truly effective and efficient;
  • The exercises should always privilege the execution technique – Thus, it should privilege controlled execution speeds and give little importance to the total number of repetitions. In other words, if the protocol suggests 15 repetitions but, for example, the 10th repetition begins to compromise the desired technique then it should do only 10 repetitions and try to progress from training to training;
  • Exercises must always have an associated challenge for the performer – followed by the management of the parameters for their execution (series, repetitions, execution speed, load, etc.).

Exercises for a complete leg workouts plan – Circuit 1

3 Series of each exercise with 1 minute rest at the end of each series.

In practice:

  • 1 minute exercise 1
  • 15 repetitions of exercise 2
  • 30-45 seconds of exercise 3
  • Rest 1 minute
  • Back to Exercise 1



– Execution –

  1. Adjust rope length to height;
  2. Trunk straight and properly contracted;
  3. Jump simultaneously with both legs;
  4. Breathe normally



– Execution –

  1. Adjust the seat backrest and support your back;
  2. Support your feet in the center of the platform. The position of the feet on the platform is an important adjustment as it will determine the requested muscle (s). Inquire with your fitness instructor about the ideal position for your goal;
  3. Perform stretching (stretching) of leg by exhaling air;
  4. Perform bend (bend) of the leg inhaling the air;
  5. Execution speed 2: 2 or 4: 4.

Tip: Bending should be done without leaving the heel in contact with the platform in order to ensure respect for the joint availability of your hip.



– Execution –

  1. Legs apart;
  2. Crouch down to the last point of joint comfort and with minimal flexion of the trunk;
  3. Hold position for 30-45 seconds;
  4. Breathe normally;
  5. The whole body must be properly contracted;

Tip 1: Legs removal should be the one that allows to perform the squat with the minimum of flexion of the trunk. Keep in mind that the further away the legs should also rotate the feet out.
Tip 2: Avoid squats below 90 degrees.

Exercises for a complete leg Exercise plan – Circuit 2

3 sets of each exercise with 1 minute rest at the end of each set.

In practice:

  • 1 minute of exercise 4
  • 15 repetitions for each leg of exercise 5
  • 15 repetitions of exercise 6
  • Rest 1 minute
  • Back to Exercise 4



– Execution –

  1. Adjust rope length to height;
  2. Trunk straight and properly contracted;
  3. Jump simultaneously with both legs;
  4. Breathe normally.


leg workouts

– Execution –

  1. Adjust the machine levers to the body;
  2. Bend (bend) of the leg approaching the glutes and exhaling the air;
  3. Extension (stretching) of the leg inspiring the air;
  4. Execution speed 2: 2 or 4: 4.


leg workouts

– Execution –

  1. Column all lined up with arms along the body and palm resting on the floor;
  2. The stretched leg should be tightly contracted;
  3. Raises the hip by exhaling the air;
  4. It lowers the hip by breathing in the air (without landing on the floor);
  5. Execution speed 2: 2 or 4: 4.

Hint: the first leg to be on the ground to perform the movement should be the leg with less force.

The training protocol presented is only a suggestion. Other protocols could be presented for the same training goal.

It should also be noted that the above-mentioned exercises are generalist not considering the specifics of each person. So always consult with a fitness professional before starting a leg workouts plan.


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