The different form of exercise is Pilates Exercise. In the Pilates Exercises, we fit our body properly. If you make a happy back and core strength than you can do pilates exercises. The main benefit of the pilates exercises is abs workout. They are also remove the belly fat quickly.pilates exercise

 Different Fat Burning Pilates Workouts:

  1. Frog Sit Ups
  2. Oblique Leg Lifts (each side)
  3. Sit Up Reach Th-roughs
  4. Lever Crunch (each side)
  5. Scissor Kicks

The main benefit of all the best online pilates workouts is: You can do all those exercises at your home. And they also remove the all belly fat and the best workouts to lose weight.

Explain all Pilates Floor Mat Exercise:

 1- Frog Sit Ups:pilates exercise

Frog Sit Ups exercise is one of the most easier and effective exercise. They improve the abdominis muscles in our body. This exercise is a good abs workout in daily base. Is pilates good for your health.

How to frog sit ups:

  • Put your back straight on the mat.
  • Open your legs like frog position.
  • Put your hands behind your head back.
  • Now you are in frog sit ups position.
  • Roll your body like show in picture.
  • count one frog sit ups.
  • repeat this exercise 30 second in one day.

2-Oblique Leg Lifts (each side)pilates exercises

If you want to toning up the oblique muscles, than you can do this exercise. Oblique leg lifts exercise are also referred to the “love handle”. This is very simple and best pilate exercise because we don’t used any workout equipment. We used only a mat.

Target Muscles: The main benefit of this exercise is to they target of our body muscles.These muscles make a flexible body.

How this exercise:

  • laying your body on a floor mat for pilates weights workout.
  • rotate your legs on one side.
  • up your legs like your foot upward.
  • now down your legs.
  • repeat this mat exercise 15 seconds.

In this exercise, your stamina show the number of sets.Start this exercise 10-12 reps in a one set.You can do 3-4 sets in a day. After some days, 22-24 reps in a set and you can do 5-6 sets in a days. This is a best pilates workout program at a home.


3-Sit Up Reach Th-roughs:

pilates exercises

This is a full body pilates workout and fat burning exercise at home.The other name of this exercise is abs workout.


  • laying your body on a exercise mat.
  • Open your legs and arms (back straight)
  •  Next step show in picture.
  • Repeated 30 second in a day.


4-Lever Crunch (each side):


This exercise provides the different benefits to our hips and leg.


  • Flexibility
  • improve leg muscles.
  • Abs workout
  • hip fat etc



5-Scissor Kicks:





This exercise stretching the all belly muscles and thigh muscles.




15 minute Pilates Exercises for Weight loss:pilates exercises

  • Burning calories
  • increasing your calorie-burning potential
  • help in toning, trimming and shaping the body
  • enhance your posture
  • encourages deep and efficient respiration
  • enhancing the self-esteem of an individual




   Difference Between Yoga and Pilates Workout :




 Physical Conditioning Flexibility Union of mind
Energizing Balance Meditative
Quick Result Uses mats Lifestyle
Strength without bulk


Physical & mental stamina Detoxification
Weight Loss Stress release Massage all of the internal organs
More for Exercise Improve posture Relaxing feeling of being centered
Solid core muscles Sleep better Restorative




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