Getting up early to train may be much better than you think, see the REASONS TO EXERCISE IN THE MORNING!


Morning workout may be somewhat painful, but the practice of morning physical exercise can also be beneficial to your body! According to motivational guru and writer of the book “The 5 AM Club,” Robin Sharma, our body is more conducive to physical activity in the first five hours of the day, and until eight in the morning, the brain finds itself more relaxed and with the maximum potential!

Great minds like Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, and Robert Iger, CEO of Disney are part of the ” 5 am a club “. They wake up at times considered “absurd” for those who love the famous “five minutes” morning, as at four o’clock, for example. Do you want to know why they are right?reasons why exercise is important? So check out below great reasons to join a club:


You will spend the day more attentive.

No more need to get to work and take about half an hour to focus. Whoever is part of the “5 am a club” already starts the day with renewed energies! And believe me, the professional results are remarkable.

You will think better about your food.

When you make such a big effort to get up early it’s not any fast food that will cause you to fall into temptation. At least, it should not!

Enough of leaving without coffee!

Waking up early forces you to have a good breakfast to endure the workout from start to finish; besides, when he returns from it, the hunger will be much greater, and only one coffee will not be enough to satisfy him. Eat well and your productivity can grow, and your metabolism is 10% faster.

An alternative to getting out of the rut.

Do you feel or have you ever felt swallowed by the routine? Getting up early to work out can totally break your cycle of daily activities, providing much more quality of life and good humor!

Sleep better.

The sooner you wake up, the sooner you’ll want to sleep. And who said that’s bad? When we sleep early the quality of sleep improves significantly, also contributing to the results of training, regulation of metabolism and decrease of the famous others. That is, every effort is worth it!



Specialist teaches how to maximize the results of the exercises.

tips to improve you workout

Anyone who starts training is eager to see the results in the mirror and in the clothes. But weight loss, fitness gain, and silhouette modeling do not happen overnight.
Besides dedication, periodicity, and patience, you need to follow your staff’s guidelines correctly and do not go too thirsty to the pot. Without care, you can cause severe pain and injury.
Want some guidelines on how to walk the line and get good results? The personal trainer Ricardo Wesley will help you:

Start slowly. Why such a hurry?

Everyone who enters the gym already wants to start training every day, spending hours at the gym, doing all the activities, taking supplements, etc. Calm! Escape from this feeling of all or nothing. Your body takes a certain amount of time to adjust, and it is not much you can do to speed up this process. The most important thing is not to give up, try to be consistent in the gym, starting to train three to four times a week and keeping this frequency, the results appeared as a consequence.

Pay attention to the intervals between sets!

It is critical for you to achieve your goals safely, quickly and less painfully. So be careful not to rush to start the series right away or spend too much time talking to colleagues. This time will vary depending on the number of repetitions you are performing:
4 to 6 repetitions: 90 seconds to 3 minutes
8 to 12 repetitions: 45 to 90 seconds
12 to 15 repetitions: 30 to 75 seconds
15 to 20 repetitions: 30 to 45 seconds

You do not need to do the same workout daily

The general orientation is to not train the same muscle group every day. This includes training, for example, pectoralis on one day and triceps on the other, since the triceps participates in almost every movement of the pectoralis.

Hydrate yourself, but in moderation

During training, you only need to drink water, especially during hot days and fun activities. Typically a glass of water is the limit that a person can ingest without feeling discomfort to exercise, but this can vary from person to person.

Who said stretches avoid injuries?

Stretching before and after training does not prevent injury. The elongation does have its benefits, such as maintenance of flexibility, posture, etc. But to avoid injuries during training you should:
– Warm up properly, in a general and localized way, that is, warm the muscle groups that you will train that day.
– Perform preventive exercises: Performing proprioception exercise (working the body awareness) and strengthening muscles such as the abdomen, lumbar and the grouping is popularly known as rotator cuff (set of four tendons that are located on the shoulder and envelop the head of the humerus).
– Be cautious when using loads. It is necessary to train intensely, but always within the limits of your body.
“To keep up with the pain, it’s a sign that something is wrong. Any joint pain during or after training should be investigated.

Save your joints by properly using the appliances

There are dozens of equipment that promise to help prevent impact on the joints, but they will only have the desired effect if you use them properly. Remember that your body is designed to perform such activities as walking, running and squatting, so do not be afraid to perform these movements imagining that your joint will not hold. Along with the exercises, do a strengthening job to make you more fit to train.

Do not you like the idea of working out? Try to combine this activity with something pleasurable!

According to the staff is very difficult to find someone who does not like to exercise, in fact, that person just did not find an activity that she likes. If this is your problem, try to vary, imagine a type of activity that could suit you more, group, individual, water, earth, academy. And if you like listening to music, take your iPod at the time of training. Music is an excellent motivator and can help you turn a boring moment into something happier.

Try to reconcile a diet. It’s not just because you’re working out that every delicacy is allowed!

Most of the population has aesthetic goals with the training and, therefore, they decide to enter the gym and begin the diet already on Monday without any supervision. None of this! Get rid of pre-assembled diets and find a nutritionist to help you. In addition to demystifying several things you may have heard about, this professional will help you to chart an easier diet with guaranteed results.


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